An Open Letter To People Who Yell Out Remarks On The Street

And by “people” I basically mean men, cause you rarely hear women making fools of themselves the way men do. This group of so-called “people” who feel the need to yell out remarks or comment openly on other people includes “cat-callers” who think they will attract women by being rude and making noises, and just shmucks in general who feel the need to try and boost their own non-existent self-esteem by making remarks about others.

Children do this for some reason, but you’re supposed to grow out of it. Some people never do. Sometimes when I have to pass a long row of men sitting on a wall, which is where you can usually find them, … eating sandwiches out of a bag that their mother’s probably packed for them, since the chance they actually have any women in their lives is very slim, I feel sorry for the women I see approaching because I know what they will have to endure.

Having been the victim of this kind of behavior myself all of my life, I empathize.

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